Quality policy of lotex24 Group

You can find lotex24 in a different places on the internet. The company sells through its own internet shops and uses effective advertising online platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Riccardo, Allegro etc. We are aware that the expectations and requirements of our customers are high, which is why we put a great emphasis on meeting the highest quality standards of the products we sell. Such policy applies not only to orders, but also to the complaints and returns of our products. All products, sold by the lotex24 group, are basically brand items from respective manufacturers with the guarantee of fast delivery, high functionality as well as full warranty service. As for price-performance ratio and quality of the product, they are rather individual issues for each customer, we do our best and always take our clients' opinions as the crucial ones in our selling process. We care about the quality of products at any cost and as we treat clients as the ground of our success, we've made their opinions and remarks the prime rule for the functioning of our company. It is one of our business principles to provide the customer with what he has ordered from us. In addition, it does not make sense to badly supply a customer who has entrusted us with his/her feedback.

Our daily work is strictly connected with proper functioning of our systems on internet, online platforms, keeping them up-to-date, monitoring inventory and updating the prices to our conditions. Your price will always depend on a simple calculation. Every time you buy through our internet online stores you can be sure that the price will be the best and the lowest on the market. There is possibility to find the same products on other internet platforms, but then the price will be adjusted to the principles of the platform that you buy through and will include necessary charges e.g. sales commissions or storage fee for the specific product.

Order processing is always carried out through our warehouse management program, no matter from where you buy. The complete logistics is carried out in our own company. This is the only way to have full control over a reliable order processing of your order. So what you find with us, we shall deliver to you. As you place your order in our shopping cart, we can process your order and send it to you automatically. We are then ready to deliver products from our stock straight to your house. We do not take responsibility for any faults in the address of delivery provided by our clients. Our barcode system is inbound and outbound control based on an error-free processing. The logistics are taken by an external delivering companies. Depending on the way of delivery you have chosen, you will be able to track the delivery of parcel with the tracking code that our clients are provided while making their purchase.

For orders from Germany, we work in accordance with the BGB regulations §§ 312d, 355, 357, which offer you the greatest possible safety and comfort. We accept incoming returns as seriously as incoming orders. They will be processed immediately and the wishes of the customer are handled in accordance with the legal requirements. Reimbursements are made after a very period short time, although the legislator gave us 14 days. If we have all the necessary information about your return, we will process it on the day of the receipt or the next day, depending on the time the deliverer deposits your return with us. Customer satisfaction should not stop at the completed order. We are also aware of the fact that even pictures and videos are sometimes not enough to present the article to its full extent. If you are not satisfied with your order, then we know that you did find product satisfying, since the product might not meet your expectation. So it is one of our principles to do your return so quickly, so at least that you can be satisfied with service of our company. And maybe you'll find another product elsewhere, which suits you. One thing we have been noticing over and over again in the years of our on-line activities. You as our customer decide about the product. We only look for the manufacturer and negotiate the most acceptable price for you with the manufacturer. For the law of the economy forbids it to pay little money, but you do not need to pay too much for too little.

As a consumer, you have other advantages that you can use with us. As a dealer, we are responsible for the distribution of the goods to you by the manufacturer. Corporate quality, however, does not mean to keep the warranty after the purchase out of sight. Therefore if your purchased product has a defect within the warranty period, which is subject to the warranty obligation, the return is promptly forwarded to the corresponding manufacturer and returned, to you as our customer, free of charge after exchange or repair. If the manufacturer grants a faster direct return, we also provide you directly to his customer service.

The transmission of your personal data as well as the transaction data necessary for the payment is made via an encrypted data channel. We use your personal data, including your home address and your e-mail, exclusively to process your orders or returns.
In spite of many years of experience in online trading, we have so far refrained from sending newsletters. We try to score points with our services on the internet, not with targeted advertising. A detailed data protection statement, which we strictly adhere to, can also be found on this page.

A purchase or sale of customer data is a taboo for our company. The management of the lotex24 group grew up in the age of the internet and deeply hates it’s mail-address distribution as well as mail advertising. In our company, customer data are passed on to the logistics and packaging only via barcodes. Access to your customer data is only possible for specially trained employees who are contractually bound to confidentiality.

The founder of lotex24 group was born in 1972 and since then he has been independent trader for 18 years. His knowledge and experience in shipping trade and logistics are tested on the regular basis. As any other traders we are not perfect, but we do our best to stick to the principles and rules we hold on to. When we differ from this, we are reminded of these principles by our company founder. This is how we minimize mistakes and continue to develop our system and company every day. However, we are always working on further optimizations, both for the company and for you, and thus receive our own, increasing quality requirements, which we gladly pass on. You as our customers do not make any mistakes. We are your service provider. In the event of start-up difficulties, we have simply failed to incorporate this problem into our quality requirements. The management therefore regularly checks, with the addition of the owner of the company, to expand our own quality requirements and adapt them to the existing requirements. We hope to meet your expectations. If we have not made it in the past, we are sure that we will do it today and will do it tomorrow.

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