about us

Yes, we do it in a different way, why is it so ?
Since 2003 we have been in the business of noble wooden products selling. All of our products are handmade as we are giving our customers only top-quality precious wooden products.

Our manufacture exclussively processes wood from different suppliers from Northern and Central Europe that meets special conditions for the best quality like forest where the air is clean and in which the drying process of wood is not shorter than 5 year. In the wood processing the timber gets a special bath that gives it the natural endurance, only then the finishing process may start.

Two wood pannels are assembled together with brass rivets.The work is strictly handmade and requires the highest skills and a lot of patience from our craftsmen.

Our artisans are trained to perform the highest quality of the woodcraft.As the method of work is complicated and difficult it requires years of experience in processing of noble wood. We, Aldecor, have adjusted our products to your needs, so whenever you need something special and highest quality we are there for you.

You do not know us?

Have you ever visited our online shop? You will have no excuse if not, as we have been highly involved in creating personalised products just for you.

Please check our internet sites for new products in our store. We are continuously working for better satisfaction of our clients.You are our greatest motivation.

You do not know our products?

We have been the producer of Aldecor's most worldwide-known photo albums and guestbooks made of precious wood since 2003.

Over the years, we have responded to your needs and made our products as personal as possible. In our wooden books it is possible to change images, photos, inscribe it or engrave customized to your special needs.You may use our albums for festive occasions or for just for you alone.

In caskets and albums made form precious wood you can leave your lasting memories for next decades.

... and you have it all at affordable price.

Our online shops present a wide range of exceptional products, take your time and choose the products best for you and be amazed with this unique handicraft.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions do not hesitate to ask us. Our professional and passionate staff will provide you with the best customer service.