Small gifts mantain friendship

Small gifts to help you: we are well-aware of the wisdom of giving. It is alive in our lives again and again. Whether it is mother pleased with the bouquet of roses or the child, whose eyes shine bright when receiving a new toy car. These little touches symbolise appreciation and grattitude to the recipient over and over again.

With we are ready to give you the small gifts of appreciation to express our thanks and gratitude for your loyality in purchasing our products.Therefore with each purchase above 100,00 Euro you will be handed a special gift according to your own choice to go with your order.

The unique wooden album in our online shop is a special place to keep your memories with style.You can use our gel pens inscriptioning inside it.The brown gel pen perfectly harmonizes with the brown wooden cover of our albums to give the inside a nice, noble tone. Should you write a lot of inscriptions, you will find our gel-pens especially handy.Gel inscriptioned text stay stabile and does not blur or fade away, besides it looks extremely elegant and stylish. You will even find black gel-pen an ideal companion with your personal scrapbook. The white gel pen will be the best solution for our black embossed pages though, as it looks precise and stylish when on the black background. An optional use of practical black or white corners will be best solution if you want to keep all your images in place inside your wooden album.

Apart from our high-quality gel pens you can choose from variety of different free gifts to be collected according to your special demands.

You can choose one product for free in your basket.