Payment via Sofort

Your advantage:
Fast delivery of your order. While paying by SOFORT transfer for your purchase you make advantage of saving precious business hours to make your transaction as immidiate as possible.
Comfortable payment:
While the completion of your order you will be redirected to the transfer website sOFORT, while this process you will not need to get back to your bank page.
Practical payment:
All data nevcessary for your SOFORT payment are transferred and filled automatically.
Secure payments:
SOFORT payment is one of the most direct methods of online payment.Your PIN and TAN data are transferred over an encrypted connection to the bank server. SOFORT transfer accepts the same PIN and recognises an adequate TAN of your local bank.
The overview of individual process steps
Step 1:
Stating your data - select your country ( provided if your browser does not recognize automatically) and enter the routing number of your bank. SOFORT is now ready to transfer your data and establish a secure connection with your bank. The bank name is filled in automatically. In the overview you fill the amount of transfer, the purpose and the payee.
Step 2:
Your legitimacy. Please enter your Online Bank data: your own bank login, your PIN ( used with your online banking) Note: Your data is permamently stored and ready to use anytime.
Step 3:
Data transmission.You are able to check the data before your next transfer.You complete your operation by entering the valid TAN and by pressing 'Next' button to confirm SOFORT transfer. The transfer is now completed and your payment confirmation gets immidiately to us and starts the shipment process.
Step 4 (optional):
You get the printable record of your transaction Summary.
For more info about SOFORT please click here.